Patient-Oriented Research

Clinical trials play a pivotal role in our extensive research into the treatment and prevention of disease. Through clinical trials, participants are actively involved in their healthcare, while learning about the latest research related to their condition and contributing to medical science.

The following are some important reasons for conducting patient-oriented research using clinical trials:

  • Research may help doctors learn more about how the treatment works and why it is effective, leading to the development of new treatments.
  • Friends or loved ones of patients may want to help in the search for improved treatment by participating in a trial.
  • When an existing treatment has debilitating side effects or there is no known treatment for a condition, the need for clinical trials becomes urgent. 

Please click on the following link if you are interested in participating in a clinical trial.

Patient-Outcome Research

Linking the care patients receive to measurable outcomes they experience is crucial in improving quality of care. This is why our patient outcome research is devoted to understanding and improving the delivery of care in our healthcare practices.  Led by Dr. McGinn and other national healthcare leaders, we are deriving, validating, and integrating evidence-based tools into our clinical workflows. We are focusing on bringing the innovations from the bench to the bedside through implementation science, organizational psychology, delivery system science, and partnering with community organizations.