Medical School/Clerkship Program

As our healthcare landscape is transformed, this is an exciting time to be overseeing the rotation of medical students into the Department of Medicine at the North Shore-LIJ campuses. Our approach is innovative, exposing students to clinical settings early on, allowing them to see the wide breadth of diseases and disease progression.

As students rotate through our inpatient services, they will continue to care for and follow patients in the outpatient setting all year long. This mixture of longitudinal and clerkship-based models brings a fresh dimension to our students' medical experience, a more complete view of internal medicine, and the opportunity to learn in a more staged continuum versus the traditional lecture-based approach. Above all, by observing our patient-centric, quality-of-care focus in clinical settings, they will be well on their way to becoming the best doctors in their fields.

Contact Details:

  • Mark Goldin, MD
    Internal Medicine Clerkship Director,
    Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine
    (718) 470-3377

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